Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Just imagine for a moment that you are living at your childhood summer camp all year around in your adulthood – that is essentially what living in Lake Lucerne feels like. The dynamics and environment are unique, to say the least.

Patrick and Tiffany are both navigating the social strata that is Lake Lucerne with a “toe in” approach to the community. We like what we see, but we do not want to get swallowed whole and drink that sweet Kool-aid!

Beyond the sometimes quirky nuances, we are truly blessed to call this place home. Lake Lucerne is a throwback community where everyone watches out for everyone else’s children. Kids come in at dark and have freedom to roam.

Meet the Neighbors

Patrick Coleman

Patrick bio – Coming Soon!

Tiffany Fenner

Hey everyone!  I’m Tiffany and I am living in suburbia with my husband and 4 kiddos — yes, they are all boys, yes they are all mine, and NO I’m not trying for a girl!  I enjoy a quick wit and deep perspective – enter my fascination with Patrick Coleman!

I am an empath who feels all the vibes around me – which can be a wonderful gift or a terrible detriment depending on the surroundings – thus, a sage stick is never far away. I am an avid tennis player and runner and love spending time with my friends. I enjoy getting lost in a good book and going to concerts – live music feeds the soul. My husband John is my best friend and greatest supporter – so very thankful for this amazing life!

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