Who wants to borrow a cup of sugar?

Neighbors that have stopped by

John Fenner

Minisode #1: A quick trip down memory lane

John reluctantly sits in to take a trip down memory lane. He has lived in fear ever since and hopes he will never have to do it again.

Neil Mentzer

Episode #3: Is it too soon to talk about fluffers?

Friendships, fluffers and good beers. The third episode of Glass Houses is getting lose with guest Neil Mentzer.

Blake Windeler

Episode #4: Water Tables and Five Star D

Patrick, Tiff, and Tiff’s friend Blake talk about the Lake Lucerne water table controversy, PSL lattes and music.

Sawyer Fenner

Minisode #2:  Sawyer’s Seven Year Performance Review

Sawyer has just about completed his 7th year around the sun and it’s time for a Fenner Family Performance Review to make sure everyone’s expectations about this arrangement are being met.

Ty Stimpert

2019 in Review with a New Friend and Snowman Sex

Ty stops by to discuss some flavorful topics to keep things spicy.