Have your People call my People

As our Podcast continues to grow, we have the unique opportunity to have complete creative control over who we partner with as sponsors.  We are currently only interested in sponsors that we believe in and are authentic endorsements from our personal experiences — practice what you preach and all those good things! 

– Tiffany & Patrick

Sponsorship Form

    The way that sponsorship for a Podcast works is measured in CPM (cost per mille), which essentially means cost per 1000 listens. We are currently at 2500+ listens and are offering the above pricing structure, which is industry standard. We host 4 episodes/month that are published weekly
    This can be discussed based on your advertising budget whether you want a spot weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month
  • We know Podcast pricing structure can appear daunting, if the above information is too much to take in, just tell us in a few words what you are interested in and we will tailor a plan that fits what you are looking for based on how much you are looking to spend!